At Jove we are conscious of the role we play in making the world a better place for future generations. We take our corporate responsibility and are making all efforts to transition from an outright fossil fuel trader to a more sustainable and green model. We are excited as this also presents various new opportunities for the company while also commiting to its ESG obligations.

ESG Snapshot

We aim to minimize adverse impacts and contribute positively to the economic, environmental, and social progress. We conduct our business in a transparent, ethical and responsible manner by implementing practices to manage the challenging environmental, social and governance risks inherent in the commodity sector.

Jove SA is committed to comply with national and international environmental laws.
Recognizing the importance and vulnerability our planet’s Environment, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment by maintaining high environmental standards. This commitment applies to how we do business, and we expect our suppliers and other business partners to operate according to the same commitments.

Jove SA recognizes the impact of its carbon footprint and we are redesigning our business activities, by diversifying our portfolio and acquiring assets, to support energy transition.
Historically, Jove SA has been an exclusive fossil fuel trader. We recognize the contribution of the coal sector to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Today, we are committed to reducing the share of coal in our portfolio. Our main market is India, where coal and oil have served as the foundation for industrial growth and modernization, providing a higher standard of living for the Indian population

(i) Human Rights
Jove SA conducts and expects employees, suppliers, and other business partners to conduct business activities respecting Human Rights.
We are committed to support and respect local and international laws: International Human Rights Law, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

(ii) Labour Rights and Fair Employment Practices
Jove SA complies with national and international laws and regulations concerning labour rights and fair employment practices (e.g., national law, the 8 ILO Fundamental Conventions). We have issued an Employee Handbook policy committing to safe working environment for all employees, equal employment opportunity, ethical business practices, no harassment, among other.


d. Governance

(i) Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance is the process and structure on how a company is managed and overseen. At Jove SA we strive to continually improve our principles and policies to safeguard business resilience and interests. Implementation of the ESG policy is driven by the existing corporate governance, and conducted via training, monitoring and reporting.

(ii) Compliance and Know Your Customer (“KYC”) Policy
Jove SA ensures that its processes and operations comply with local laws and regulations, and with current internal policies, rules, manuals and procedures. All employees are required to comply with the “Compliance and KYC Policy”.

(iii) Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”)
Jove SA ensures to comply with applicable laws and regulations preventing money Laundering

(iv) Anti-Bribery and Corruption (“ABC”) Policy
Jove SA has zero tolerance towards bribery and corruption. We expect all employees and third parties doing business with Jove SA to comply fully with applicable laws, including, but not limited to, the United Nations Conventions against Corruption, the UK Bribery Act 2, and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act., among other

(v) Sanctions
Jove SA is committed to comply with international sanctions. Swiss SECO, US OFAC, EU Official Journal and UN embargo regulations, and any country of business sanction, are binding for the Jove SA activities

(vi) Environmental and Social Management System ("ESMS")
We have established an Environmental and Social Management System (“ESMS”) designed to identify, assess, prevent, mitigate, remediate the E&S risks in our business activities

(vii) Grievance Mechanism
Jove SA encourages stakeholders to use our Grievance mechanism. Via the Grievance Mechanism, internal and external stakeholders can raise concerns, complaints or any breach in our existing policies, or any potentially unlawful activities in the work place