Our Business

Jove is trusted as a one stop solution for commodities. Our experience ranges across the entire value chain of sourcing, transportation, storage, marketing and selling.
This creates enormous possibilities for your business. Add to this our spirit of collaboration, adaptability, innovation, and delivery excellence; and what you get is a partner who can truly put you on a path to success.
Businesses across the world have experienced the advantage of working with Jove. We invite you to find out how we can help you.

Jove can source and market a wide range of commodities. Our team has several years of experience in trading these commodities and know how to source what you need, no matter where you are based and where the commodities are found.

We benefit from a vast network of sellers, buyers as well as other traders – all working with a singular aim of helping you win in a competitive marketplace where speed is of essence.
We have an expertise in a diversified portfolio of products that we trade.

We are continuously looking to diversify our reach in terms of sourcing as well as customer base in traditional fuels, including and not limited to:

a. Gasoline
b. Petroleum
c. Fuel Oil
d. Bunker Fuels
e. Crude Oil
f. Naphtha
g. Slurry
h. Kerosine
i. Pyrolysis Gasoline

Our Bulk desk is divided mainly into energy, industrial and metal commodities, including and not limited to:

(i) Iron Ore
(ii) Limestone
(iii) Gypsum
(iv) Thermal Coal
(v) Anthracite
(vi) Coking Coal
(vii) PCI
(viii) Nut Coke
(ix) Coke Fines
(x) Iron Ore Pellets
(xi) Fly Ash

From being a traditional Fossil trader Jove has now realized its social obligations and has introduced green fuel into its portfolio mix which we are focused on growing, including and not limited to:

(i) Ethanol
(ii) UCOME

Our bespoke trade finance solutions create real value for our customers. We offer structured finance capabilities that are tailored to your situation. We do the hard work of dealing with financial institutions so you can have the peace of mind, knowing you will always have the means and resources to fuel your business to newer growth areas.

Our Structured & Trade Finance team also specializes in financing pre-existing trades, where buyers and sellers have been identified and require innovative financing tools to reach its conclusion.

Going beyond traditional trading activities, we also provide transportation services of various raw materials domestically in India. We have in-depth experience and track record in transportation services whether its via ships, trucks or rakes (train). These services are at extremely competitive pricing in a very cluttered industry. We are already transporting Fly Ash, Coal, Limestone and Gypsum to various end users across different States in India.

Major milestones

Our credentials are acquired over several years. Our zest of finding unique solutions has helped us grow and create value for our global customers. Our track record speaks volumes about our ambition, passion to excel, and thinking about our customers in everything we do.

Established in Geneva. Expanding our footprints by forging powerful partnerships to tap the opportunities the world has to offer.


Joint venture and subsidiaries

Established in Geneva. Expanding our footprints by forging powerful partnerships to tap the opportunities the world has to offer.

Riverdale Commodities India Pvt Limited, India (RDI)

Riverdale Commodities India Pvt Limited, India (RDI)

The company was set up in the year 2019 and began trading activities in 2021.

The company is currently conducting inland trade within India, providing logistics support to consumers, as well as providing on ground marketing to the imports of Jove into India.

With Jove foraying into the metals trading space, the team in India which is comprised of experienced personnel from the steel industry, is at the fore front of Jove’s new trading activity.

Riverdale Africa Limited, Mauritius (“RDM”)

RDM is a 50-50 Joint Venture formed between Riverdale and La Chorale owned by Mr. Ibrahim Fondio. The JV was set up in the year 2022. Ibrahim has more than 20 years’ experience in oil trading industry in Africa. He has been working for companies such as la SIR and Vitol.
Ibrahim is very well connected in west Africa and his knowledge of the African oil market will allow Riverdale Mauritius Ltd to develop new markets in the region.
La Chorale is a company in Ivory Coast, registered in 2013. It deals with companies such as BP, Shell, and Gunvor and has maintained a growth of 30% on volumes traded since its inception. RDM is today developing oil trading in West African countries including Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Mauritania, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Togo.

Riverdale Commodities Limited, UK (“UK”)

RDUK is a 100% subsidiary of Jove, building its capabilities in biofuel trading. The company was set up in 2022 and plans to foray into trading of Renewable Transport Fuel Certificates (RTFCs), 2nd generation, and renewable biofuel including supplying FAME, UCOME, HVO, SAF, Hydrogen, etc. Jove sees huge opportunities in this space and is developing its capabilities in this space further.

RD International FZE (“RDINT”)

RDINT was set up in the year 2023 in order to capture the oil flows in the middle east. Currently the company is mainly exporting finished petroleum products from the middle east into India. Gradually RDINT is building up a track record to start exporting these products from the Middle East to other parts of the world. The main countries under focus today are Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. RDINT continues to grow its customer base of clients who are keen on buying these products from the Middle East.