We are Jove

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What we do

Jove trades in physical commodities from production to consumption. We assist producers market their production and consumers to source their raw materials in the most efficient way.

Jove works across entire value chain including sourcing, shipping, storage, finance, and marketing of commodities. We use derivatives to hedge commodity and currency price risks. We avail trade and structured finance tools to support both producers and consumers.


Our reach

Jove is currently based in Switzerland, India, and UAE. We are fast expanding our footprint to service our growing business across all seven continents.

We bridge the gap between sellers and buyers of commodities. Our global reach and relationships with financial institutions means we can source commodities and create unique value propositions for everyone we work with.



Jove trades in a growing portfolio of liquid and bulk commodities. We are experts in commodities trading and trade finance. We were incorporated in 2014 in Geneva where we are headquartered. Jove is fully owned by Riverdale Commodities DMCC, Dubai.

Jove benefits from the spirit of entrepreneurship and value creation that runs deep through the legacy of Khaitan Holdings, wholly owned by Nalin Khaitan.


Ownership History


Incorporated as PeaKom SA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Essar Global Fund Limited.


Acquired by Asia Special Opportunities Fund, a Singapore based private equity fund. Company name changed to Riverdale Commodities SA.


Acquired by Nalin Khaitan, owner of Khaitan Holdings

Our Legacy

Jove is part of Khaitan Holdings, a multi-business conglomerate owned by the Khaitan family. Khaitan Holdings is a Dubai based business house established by Mr. IP Khaitan in 1993.

The Khaitan Family has its roots in India where they are engaged in a variety of businesses such as chemicals, soap manufacturing, agriculture, mining, consumer goods, and commodities trading. IP Khaitan moved to Dubai in 1993 to spread the wings of this growing business and thus Khaitan Holdings was incorporated.

Khaitan Holdings has since then created value across industries such as mining, telecommunications, retail, investments, sports, industrial raw material trading, and technology.

In 2016, Mr. Khaitan handed over the control of Khaitan Holdings to his son Nalin Khaitan who now acts as the Executive Chairman of the group.

Nalin bought Jove in 2021 to grow the commodities trading and finance business. Khaitan family’s exposure across multiple industries gives us unique expertise and insights. Our customers often tell us we truly get what they need. This is thanks to the rich legacy we have inherited.